Meggs Costoya Attfield (MCA) is a private company which was set up in 1998 in response to the National Childcare Strategy. Since this time MCA has developed and expanded the services offered to meet the ever changing world of Early Years and Childcare inline with all Government initiatives 

One of our main selling points is the ability to identify client's individual needs and tailor our services to meet these, as 'Everyone is Different'.



MCA offers a full range of products and services such as IT Solutions, Web design, Consultancy and Mentoring, Supporting Literature and Training. All of these services are primarily aimed at assisting our clients with their responsibility to provide Information, Advice and Guidance to a range of service users i.e. parents/carers, childcare and education providers, young people, employers and employees, professionals, and other interested bodies.



Client groups we have worked with include:

  • The majority of Local Authorities in England, Scotland and Wales
  • DCSF now known as Department for Education
  • NHS Primary Care Trusts
  • Local Sure Start/Children Centres
  • Employers
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Connexions
  • Daycare Trust

The staff team at MCA is made up of individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of Early Years and Childcare and also a highly trained team of IT developers, programmers and support staff.


For more information about our areas of work, please go to the Products and Services. section of this website.